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4rd Annual Resident Hernia Case Presentation Competition

The Canadian Hernia Society (CHS) is excited to announce the forth annual Resident Hernia Case Presentation Competition! CHS will be selecting 4 emergency hernia cases to be presented at the Canadian Surgery Forum (CSF).

If selected, residents will have 10 minutes to present their case including a panel discussion regarding the surgical approach within the case presentation.


The selection criteria will include:

  • Clinical relevance to emergent hernia repair

  • Originality

  • Learning points on emergency hernia repair

The submission should be in Word format and include the following
(word limit: 500):

  1. Case summary

    • Title, applicant’s name(s), staff sponsor, university affiliation

    • Case presentation

    • Patient history and focused physical examination

    • Significant laboratory, imaging findings

    • Surgical intervention

    • Hospital post-operative course

    • Outcome

  2. Three points of discussion validating your surgical approach to debate amongst panelists, in the event your case is selected.

  3. Why your case should be selected (word limit: 100)


The deadline for all case submissions is Thursday May 31st, 2024. Please submit your cases to All submissions will be blinded before judging by the selection committee.

The selection committee will make their decisions by June 28, 2024, and will inform all submitters of their status. The resident must be available to present the case in Winnipeg, at the CSF in person. Conference registration, transportation and accommodations are not covered. A monetary prize for the winner of the presentation will be awarded at the end of the session.

We thank everyone for their submissions and look forward to seeing everyone in Winnipeg!

The 2024 CHS-CSF Organizing Committee

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